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facebook splitting up the word “sponsored” to sneak past adblockers

Sure, we call them "The Greatest Generation," but your grandparents also went apeshit for the "I'm A Little Teapot" dance craze* in 1941 so we all have our baggage

*a real thing

Writers are the reason the publishing industry EXIST, they create the value the entire industry rests upon, and yet they're largely treated like unnecessary, greedy afterthoughts.

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I have 3 laptops for work. 1 Linux 1 Windows 1 brand new MacBook. I use the Windows device for testing UX on my products, I use the MacBook for watching Bobs Burgers in bed, and I use the Linux device for WORK.

Suddenly extremely tired of all 82 of the podcasts I subscribe to, death to podcasts

when rappers talk about "henny" they mean hentai

Немного психоделического музыкального залипалова

В ленте Инсты увидел ссылки на Youtube-миксы из техно, наложенного на видео цыганских свадеб.

Полуторачасовое меланхолично-трэшовое танцевальное залипалово гарантировано

@nuttgodd Fool... I was shitposting since my first day here...

Why has no one told me had such a cute hero image!!

just paid for SCaLE can't wait for this years conference! @lufthans lets get a beer/coffee/beverage of your choice if you are there!

Boosting this again for visibility. Not many people know that private traffic on the internet eclipsed public traffic sometime around 2014

pfft, living on the bleeding edge is the biggest rush of running pleroma. who needs stable releases anyway

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